P. Reddekop

“Dear Mr. Marks, just wanted to tell you how much I have been enjoying the DVD’s I recently ordered, I should have done this years ago! I’m 41 years old and I have been playing guitar for well over 20 years, but I’ve felt for some time now that my playing has become stagnant and was going nowhere. Last month I was at a newstand checking out a well known guitar magazine and saw an ad for Metal Method guitar lessons. As soon as I saw the picture of Doug Marks I said “Hey I know this guy from somewhere”. I went home and dug through a box of old guitar stuff (pedals, cables ect) and found an old “Metal Primer” cassette tape from 1983 or so. I realized I had borrowed the tape from a high school friend (sorry Kevin?, or was it Darren?) Anyway, I went online and ordered the complete course DVD set, and have already noticed a huge improvement in my playing. The DVD’s are well laid out and the production quality is excellent! Thanks again.”