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These are instructions for using VLC’s additional functions for Windows users

To play YouTube video:
– Play video in YouTube to capture the URL
– Copy the URL
– Open VLC
– Select: Media / Open Network Stream
– Enter the video’s URL
– Play

Customize Interface
– Slow down videos, take a snap shot, record sections from the video: This can all be accomplished from the transport (bottom of player). Choose options by clicking on the “Tools” tab then select “Customize interface tool bar elements.”

To slow down the video speed
– Click on the left double arrow. Each time that you click on the arrow the video speed becomes slower. Click on the double arrow to the right to increase speed.

How to set a bookmark:
– Right click mouse while hovering cursor over the player: / playback / bookmarks / manage bookmarks
– At the beginning of a part that you want to mark click on create
– Left click once on the bookmark that you just set and rename it
– Double left click on the bookmark to return to that location
– Leave the “Edit Bookmarks” window open to use bookmarks

You must save the play list or the bookmarks will disappear when you close VLC
– Media / Save Playlist
– Name the playlist and make note of the file location. It seems to want to save the bookmarks in the same folder as the file.
– To open the video along with the bookmarks click on the playlist file
– Right click mouse while hovering cursor over the player / playback / bookmarks
– You’ll see the bookmarks but they’ll no longer be in the bookmarks window

Advanced features like snapshot, record, loop, and frame navigation
– Click on view and check advanced features
– Now you’ll see 4 new icons

Icons from left to right
– Record: Makes a recording of the video you’re watching. It saves the video in mpg format in your videos folder.
– Snapshot: Takes a snapshot of the frame and records it to your pictures library
– Loop: You can set an A/B loop. Just click the icon at the beginning of the part and click again at the end of the part. Click again to delete the loop. How cool is this?
– The last icon is to move through the program a frame at a time. This will allow you to take a snapshot of any frame.