This series of lessons is from the 2017 revision of Doug Marks’ rock guitar course. First recorded in 1982, the original version taught today’s rock stars how to play guitar. A beginner will start at the very beginning- no previous lessons or experience necessary!

Stage Four includes weeks thirty-eight to forty-eight.  You will learn:

  • 25 pentatonic licks
  • 25 natural minor and Dorian licks
  • Rhythm guitar parts for the Hawk song “Tell the Truth”, plus one of the most challenging licks of the course, taken from the song’s solo
  • Rhythm guitar parts and melodic solo for the song “Beyond the Gate” (formerly “Stage Four Lead”)
  • “Step-by-Step” solo (formerly “Stage Five Lead”)

Lessons have easy-to-follow on-screen tab and clear demonstrations. This package includes 13 weekly lessons, printable tab, chord diagrams, and play-along backing tracks recorded on 4 DVDs. It also comes with optional Guitar Pro 6 tab which allows you to play along with lesson exercises at any speed. Guitar Pro software is sold separately. Click Here for More Information on Guitar Pro