Sarah Spisak Platinum Package

Sarah Spisak

Sarah Spisak’s Platinum Package will help you to solve the fretboard puzzle and learn music theory with an emphasis on the music!  Packed with melodic solos and iconic riffing,  this set includes Metal Riffology, Melodic Principles for Rock Guitar, Easy Guitar Modes, 100 Metal Riffs, and Rock Guitar Scales Workshop.  (13 DVDs)

You Will Learn…

  • Fundamentals of music theory
  • Simple patterns that you can learn easily
  • How to copy and link shapes for increased learning speed
  • The amazing “Skeleton Key” pattern and how to use it
  • How to recognize and create the sounds of the modes
  • Secrets of writing memorable riffs
  • An extensive vocabulary of riffing and soloing concepts
  • Dozens of solos
  • Hundreds of riffs
  • …and much, much, more!

Sarah Spisak’s Platinum Package contains a comprehensive approach to mastering the shapes and sounds of musical patterns and using them to play great riffs and solos.  There is material here for players at all levels.  If you read tab and play eighth notes at 60 bpm you are ready to get started, and if you have been playing for decades and still don’t understand the mysteries of the fretboard then this is for you!

Get more information on the specific lessons included through the links below.

Package Includes: Melodic Principles | Metal Riffology (a.k.a Metal Guitar Riffs | Easy Guitar Modes | 100 Metal Riffs | Rock Guitar Scales Workshop Volume One